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Join the Thriving Vegan Community

Need a recipe for plant-based milk or simple vegan life hacks? Want to meet vegans to share your journey? Our online communities are one message away from all the support you need for a smooth transition. You can join our 10 Weeks to Vegan Facebook/Instagram/Telegram groups to get incredible community support

Connect with Local Vegans

Having like-minded friends makes everything exciting and enjoyable. You can search vegan groups in your city through apps like Meetup, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Have you participated in any vegan potlucks? If not, you can organize one in your city. Find a local vegan group in your city from our ‘Vegan Community Directory’.

Outreach the Compassion​

Go one step further and make a difference for animals. Spread the message of veganism within your community. You can be a part of social media campaigns or grassroots outreach in your college. You can establish a vegan club and build your own vegan community on your college campus. Help animals and spread the word. Read this blog for more information

Need More Support?
Get Connected with Your Mentor

Your mentor will be your go-to guide during your vegan transition. Get connected via email with a volunteer mentor who will help you with anything from navigating the grocery store aisles to figuring out how to respond when people ask you questions about your transition to veg eating.

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